Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kids' Thank You Notes

Squirmy just turned 6.  She has no appreciation, no concern, doesn't take anything seriously, and could truly care less whether she has a party again or even receives gifts again.  It is so disappointing to have this be my child, age 6.  I love her, despite her rudeness.  Yet, how to get a kid who obviously does not care at all to write notes?  We're not talking Emily Post notes, either.  We're talking, thank you for the ____ being the one sentence in there.  She claims she can't do it, yet managed just fine for one of her best friends.  Her writing is such gibberish.  It's a nice day outside, and we'll happily sit inside all day along. I don't care.  

I can't begin to count the number of notes I've written on her behalf since she was born, even writing some as her ghostwriter (which I guess is very tacky, but hard not to do if I don't even know the kids' parents).  I have read (and confirmed at the card store) that a 6-year-old who knows how to write and is learning to read must write his or her own basic note--that's what's done, and what's expected.

She started crying, because I yelled a little bit as she was being so irritating in her lack-of-concern, I'm so funny, ha, ha, making a joke out of the whole thing.  I actually thought that tears would be better than silliness.  In no way does she actually CARE though.  Tears don't mean caring.  Tears mean that she's upset that I'm not coddling her and letting her watch TV or go play with friends or do whatever else she'd rather be doing.

She was like this after visiting a food pantry as well, having the nerve to complain that she was "starving", proving that she learned nothing about the children who don't have enough food to eat on a daily basis.

In many ways, this makes me question my mothering techniques!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Not Pregnant, Just Fat (I guess!)

I feel like I get more than my fair share share of: "when are you due"?  "are you expecting"?  "Well, you LOOK pregnant..."  "Really?  I was so sure you were?"

I had a whole post written, but I feel like this really speaks for itself!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Witching Hour

The kids are bugging me--a lot.  It's the time of day, I know it is (the post-school, pre-dinner, I'm-hungry-I-want-to-watch-TV-even-though-I'm-not-allowed-on-school-nights angst).  My problem as well.  I'm tired (less due to nursing at night, actually--things seem to be improving on that front) due to TWO birthday parties for Squirmy and late nights making cupcakes and frosting.  So, we're all exhausted.

I have to remind myself about Sleepless in America--a very illuminating book by Mary Kurcinka.  Basically, it says that kids misbehave when they haven't had enough sleep, but that we can't deal with them when we haven't had enough sleep either.  So, our afternoon today, which involves my kids being needy and whiny--and me yelling.  Very nice.  Perhaps I'll make sure that we all get to sleep earlier tonight.  Now, the kids are in a restorative bath.  I hope that they'll be relaxed and happy for dinner, which should make me happier and calmer as well.