Monday, May 19, 2008

The Witching Hour

The kids are bugging me--a lot.  It's the time of day, I know it is (the post-school, pre-dinner, I'm-hungry-I-want-to-watch-TV-even-though-I'm-not-allowed-on-school-nights angst).  My problem as well.  I'm tired (less due to nursing at night, actually--things seem to be improving on that front) due to TWO birthday parties for Squirmy and late nights making cupcakes and frosting.  So, we're all exhausted.

I have to remind myself about Sleepless in America--a very illuminating book by Mary Kurcinka.  Basically, it says that kids misbehave when they haven't had enough sleep, but that we can't deal with them when we haven't had enough sleep either.  So, our afternoon today, which involves my kids being needy and whiny--and me yelling.  Very nice.  Perhaps I'll make sure that we all get to sleep earlier tonight.  Now, the kids are in a restorative bath.  I hope that they'll be relaxed and happy for dinner, which should make me happier and calmer as well. 

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