Saturday, March 15, 2008

Limited Profile Access Only

Recently, I joined Facebook.  I really didn't know that it was for people over 30, and then some friends were talking about how they were recent subscribers. Anyway, it's pretty fun.  I'm gradually tracking down friends and family (and they are doing the same to me). 

One such cousin, who tracked down a mutual cousin, recently joined.  I saw his name when he was added to my other cousin's friend list.  I thought, wow, I haven't seen him since my grandmother's funeral almost two years ago, and it was a long time before that as well.  I sent a "friend" message, and was "added" successfully.  I was added, however, with limited profile access.  What is that supposed to mean?  Do his friends not want to be known?  Does he not want his friends to be known by others?  Or, does it mean that a first cousin, once removed status doesn't equate to full profile access?  At most, I suppose I'd drop a line if we were going to be in the city where he lives so it doesn't really matter. 

Still, I have to admit to being a bit offended by this--I can't help it.  I know my cousin remembers me (given that my deceased father, a most favorite member of the family, was his mom's nephew).  But, it is entirely possible that my cousin being...gasp...over 40...doesn't actually know how to use Facebook yet.

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