Monday, March 10, 2008

Election irritations

I am annoyed that Hillary Clinton can call for the resignation of an adviser from Barack Obama's team.  Why is that even possible?  Why does the Obama team need to listen to her? Also, I'm frustrated that the Clintons can talk about how Obama would make a great running mate.  I don't believe this brings the party together.  How many Democrats don't like both candidates?  What a great compromise, is what many will think.  I admit there's an appeal to a ticket with both names.  But, with Obama leading in delegates, I think it's an unfair method of attacking his campaign.  It's demeaning and condescending.  If Obama was the same age as Clinton and did that to her, it would be deemed sexist.

What bothers me the most is that my "independent" husband is getting more and more smug about his choice to vote for John McCain.  (He voted for Clinton, Clinton, Gore, and Kerry--now, he's going to be a Republican--which I've said he is all along, by the way--but, why now?  He even likes Obama.)

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