Thursday, November 19, 2009

Should I pass on today's CSA share? Of course, not-I should get moving.

Today, after living like a sloth for the past several weeks (to be fair, coughing, low-grade fever, and intermittent nausea and indigestion contributed this this!), I'm supposed to drive a half-hour each way to pick up our farm share.  In this share will be:

Rutabaga (ok, big turnips, I can handle that)
Celeriac (yuck, I'm putting that in the share bin)
Potatoes (1/2 share isn't very many, surprisingly)
Brussels Sprouts (last week's were really good)
Watermelon Radish
Black Radish (these don't look appealing either)
Pie Pumpkins (pumpkin muffins! Though, they're not going to bake by themselves)
Blue Hubbard Squash/ Queensland Blue Squash
Butternut Squash
Collard Greens (more food to process-blanch and freeze-since I can't stomach greens right now)
Broccoli Raab (ditto)
Kale (ditto)
Baby Lettuce
I wish I was more excited about these choices.  I have to say that I thought there would be more carrots/parsnips/turnips...I forgot about the plethora of squash, all of which we still have from last week, and which I need to process, immediately.  I suggested doing so several times to the one who lives here not beset by nausea from cooking odors (he who got gas for me on Monday and made me fried eggs at 9:30 last night--I can't really complain!), but I guess I'm roasting then freezing the squash today.  I can't imagine what we'll do with double the amount.

We also need more regular food (eggs--the only thing I like eating these days, a great impediment to that elusive goal of living a vegan lifestyle, and garbanzo beans--dried and/or Eden Organic, BPA-free).

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