Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yet another former classmate a roaring success

I wish those of higher intelligence, creativity, and motivation the best. I do admit to jealousy. I dream of winning the lottery, to make up for the zero-earning power I currently have. I can't gamble on the lottery for such crappy odds. I'd rather eat sushi every day than waste it on that. And so would my kids. There is food on the table, so they're not missing the first class travel or the summer home. Or the convertible.

Still, I hear about these former classmates, both high school and college: successful lawyers (I'm an erstwhile lawyer), doctors (why didn't I take my hypochondriac ass to med school after all?! oh yeah: dad tried to sell me on that as a 8-year-old and I rebelled early), authors (how awesome to write books all day long! Oh yes, creativity and skills are a must), inventors, tech-savvy individuals (never took a computer class past 7th grade--BASIC was sure fun), professors (in law, only straight-A's need apply: would my lowest Latin honors fool them?), etc. And, why did I major in English? Liking to read is NOT enough.

What I'd like to do: travel the world, children in tow. The best not-at-home-schooling experience ever. At least, I think it would be. Better than the kids' dream vision of home school--TV every day, all day long.

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