Friday, August 21, 2009

Expressions I Hate

I just read the word "peeps" so I have to comment. I hate that expression and I hate the word "tweeps". I hate how people say "my" peeps. And "my" tweeps. Typically, this is done in a way, especially on Twitter, to alert followers to something (when these are people that you yourself do not follow). Why do people have to use such condescending and possessive terms? You are not royalty. These loyal friends and/or followers are not your subjects. It grates. When I see "peeps", I hit "hide".

But, there is nothing worse, to me, that the expression: "My bad". Cringe. "Oh, I'm so cute that I did ______ . Tee-hee, my bad". I wish that expression would just go away.

My 7-year-old better not pick up that phrase. There are others I'd far rather her say. Some even worthy of an R-rating.

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